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    Silver products A small, souvenir silver spoon for all occasions! It is symbolic that babies are given items made of this sparing and healing metal. When donating a silver spoon, you wish not only wealth, but also health, so it is necessary to allow the baby to use a silver spoon - to eat everything from the first porridge. Silver products A small, souvenir...

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    Silver products Silver, small souvenir spoon for all occasions!A silver spoon of this precious and healing metal, not only as a symbol, but also a great precious product for remembrance. Due to the larger amount of spoons contact us by phone.: +37065656361 or e-mail info@sidabras925.lt Silver products Silver, small...

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    Silver, golden polishing cleaning cloth Perfectly manages your small values! Polishing cloth that cleans, gives shine and protects gold, silver and platinum jewelry, coins and other products. This is spc. a cleaning fabric that restores the original luster of the metal and give the jewelry a protective layer. We apply a -20% discount when buying more than... Silver, golden polishing cleaning...

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    Silver ring ❤ Красивое, качественное, классическое обручальное кольцо. Серебряные обручальные кольца из белого серебра. Ширина кольца достаточно широкая, около 4,7 мм. Могут быть выгравированы. Silver ring ❤ Красивое, качественное,...

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    Jewelry box   Velor box for a teaspoon. Dark blue. Jewelry box   Velor box for a...

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    Silver ring ❤ Quality classic wedding ring.The source of the joy of life flows in an inexhaustible circle.It is a ring, for new love or confirmation of vows.If you can't find the size, feel free to contact us, we will make the desired size to order. Silver ring ❤ Quality classic wedding...

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    Engraving Type the engraving text in the "leave a message" box. You can find it by adding the product to the cart and starting to fill the order. We engrave only by hand (written text). Engraving Type the engraving text in...

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    Silver clarifier Silver lightening, cleaning agent.Capacity - 50 ml. Silver clarifier Silver lightening,...

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  • The value of Silver
    The value of Silver

    The value of Silver Silver - one of the oldest valuable metal known to humanity.


  • Brass significance
    Brass significance

    Jewellery in Lithuania spread at the beginning of the Bronze Age (1600 BC). Various jewelry were made from brass and silver (necklaces, bracelets, brooches, bead Temple Rings, rings, pins, pendants). It was also common to decorated weapons, military clothing or even horse horse's bridle


  • The Magic of stones
    The Magic of stones

    Jewellery with gems


  • Žiedų dydžiai
    Žiedų dydžiai

    Jeigu Jus išsirinkote Jums patinkantį žiedą, bet nežinote savo dydžio, - paprasčiausias būdas būtų toks 1. Vieną kartą apvyniokite pirštą ant kurio nešiosite žiedą siūlu. 2. Išmatuokite siūlo ilgį (mm) - tai bus žiedo apskritimo ilgis. 3. Suraskite savo dydį lentelėje (jis bus tik apytikslis, tiksliai išmatuos tik meistras)